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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

WolfPack Awards


Recruitment Award

Given to the member who has recruited and has been referenced in question nine of the applications of ten new members. All ten members must have passed their probation trials. Divisional recruitment officers will be required to recruit twenty new members in this way to be considered for the Recruitment Award, as this falls within their expected range of duties.

Members who have received this medal are not eligible to receive it again.

The Generals 'Wolf'

The Generals Wolf Award

Awarded once per year by consensus of the Generals of WolfPack for outstanding performance in all aspects of WolfPack.

Members who have received this medal are not eligible to receive it again.

Defender of the Pack

Defender Of The Pack Award

Awarded by the Generals of WolfPack and/or a Division General to those who go above and beyond the call of duty in the defense of WolfPack and her ideals.

Members may receive this award once per year of membership.

Distinguished Service

The Generals Wolf Award

Awarded by the Divisional General and/or the WolfPack Generals for exemplary service in a division. Only those members who have been part of WolfPack for more than six months will be considered for the Distinguished Service Award.

Members who have received this medal are not eligible to receive it again.

Good Conduct

Good Conduct Award

Awarded by the WolfPack Generals to members who have been in WolfPack for more than two years without having any disciplinary action of any kind, including non-judicial punishments or court martial offenses. After any form of disciplinary action, a member must perform an additional three years of service without any further punishable infractions before the Good Conduct Award may be awarded.

Band of Brothers

Band Of Brothers Award

Awarded to members who assist by joining to a concerted effort for the rapid resolution of a major divisional setback, and who aid the reassembly of and restoration of order to a division after said setback.

This award is handed down through the divisional hierarchy, or by the Generals of WolfPack.

Team Building

Team Building Award

Awarded by the Generals of WolfPack to divisional leaders who have successfully built and sustained a division of more than twenty members for a period of greater than six months.


Pathfinder Award

Awarded to those who create a new division, bringing a minimum of ten new members into WolfPack through said division.

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