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Band of Brothers

WolfPack Frequently Asked Questions

WolfPack: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does it cost?
    Nothing, WolfPack is a privatly funded group.
  2. Can anyone join the group?
    Yes, provided they meet the requirements - visit the join page of the website.
  3. Are there rules that an applicant should be aware of?
    Yes - Please visit the rules page for a complete list.
  4. What level of skill will WolfPack require me to have in the game(s) I am playing?
    WolfPack has members of all skill levels; we are more interested in your ability to play as part of a team and be a member of a community than we are in your PVP scores.
  5. What kind of people are in WolfPack?
    WolfPack has people from nearly every walk of life, but all of these people like to have fun, and share the virtues of respect, honor, and pride. WolfPack members as a rule seek to keep the playing environment friendly and safe.
  6. How are WolfPack members expected to behave?
    In all respects, we try to behave in a mature manner, remembering that our behavior reflects not only on ourselves as players, but also on the entirety of WolfPack.
  7. Does WolfPack have a lower limit on age for members?
    Please visit the join page of the website for full details.
  8. Does WolfPack have any political or religious affiliations?

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