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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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Take the leap and join WolfPack! Show the rest of the world exactly what you are capable of as a gamer!!

WolfPack realises that there is a growing trend of different types of gamers in the gaming community and we would like to encourage this by inviting wannabe gamers to join the clan.

WolfPack also realises that certain gamers have certain needs and where possible we would be able to make changes to meet such needs if required.

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Young, old, rich, poor - all nationalities welcome

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v6.6.0.0 - created: $Date: 2008-12-13; updated: $Date: 2019-08-04$; E&OE - a special thanks to Brainiac//, Dutchman, Foxhound, Pheniixx (Blacky), PocketMouse, Poita, Commander Cork for their assistance