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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers


  • "Wolfpack is a place where people from all different walks of life to come together and game, be a community, hell a family. AXIOS!" - Jimjam, Lance Corporal
  • "To me, WolfPack is more than just a bunch of people sitting around playing games. We're close friends, and I daresay the people who have been here longer are like family. WolfPack is more than a clan - it's a promise that someone's always got your back." - PocketMouse, Private
  • "For me I joined us because of a few friends in high school convinced me to play games with them, very soon I discovered this amazing group of people to play games with, I've drifted around the divisions from Mount and Blade to Planetside 2, Battlefield 3 and now here I am as a CO of my own rust division, this clan has made an encouraging environment to make the community better (not that it isn't already great)." - kiwitomcrawford, RUST Commanding Officer
  • "WolfPack is a place for anyone of any skill type to join us, all we look for is people who are social, easy going and enjoy working with others. We work with you to improve your gaming, and help you out any way we can. We want players to have fun and meet some cool people, we invite you to explore our website and grow with us, share your ideas, post on the forums, join the team.

    Our community has been around since 1999, with members from around the world and our structure allows us to expand if/when the need arises, and have managed to outlast many Clans by doing things the right way.

    We do not allow immaturity, hackers, cheaters or arrogant gamers in our team.

    We value each and every member.

    Whether you show great practice/match attendance, or show other qualities such as good conduct, dedication, teamwork, tactics and performance on and off the field, our points system and our awards are there to give recognition to those who have earned it.

    What makes WolfPack special?

    Our people, we have dedicated members. Our unique recognition for actions with awards, and ranks give our gaming experiences structure.

    Most important of all, we give you the opportunity to choose your own path with us, there are opportunities for dedicated gamers who are interested in Leadership roles to further strengthen the Clan." - Foxhound, Graphic Design Officer and Battlefield 4 Commanding Officer

  • "WolfPack to me is people coming together to socialize and have fun while playing games that they love. In the brief time I have been in WolfPack I've seen some ups and downs, but as with many clans the ups far outweigh the downs and therefore I am grateful to be a part of the community that WolfPack is." - Geodude, Private
  • "WolfPack, to me this clan isn't all about great scores and being the best. This clan is about having fun with other people and enjoying yourself.. The members are great and easy to get along with, no where else I would rather be." - Scragins, Recruitment Administrator and Second Lieutenant
  • "I'll just say that WolfPack is a pretty damned cool way of getting together and meeting people. When I first joined a couple of years ago I was telling my mates about it, saying they should join. Then it turns out that one of my mates was already in the clan, Sparhawk, and had been for a few years. I just happened to join the clan he was in. ;D Now a hefty chunk of my RL mates are a part of WolfPack. Pretty awesome way of bringing people together." - Praetorian, Recruitment Administrator
  • "A lot of clans come and go because they are built around a single game. Wolfpack is different. Here we have created a gaming community, where friends meet to play games across a number of genres, so we always can find people to team up with. Come for the games, stay for the people." - Fuegan, Second Lieutenant
  • "I wanted to say something else, but no words really sum up what these past years in this community have given me. It's not for everyone, but if it is, you'll love it." - Hunter, Major General

v6.6.0.0 - created: $Date: 2008-12-13; updated: $Date: 2019-08-04$; E&OE - a special thanks to Brainiac//, Dutchman, Foxhound, Pheniixx (Blacky), PocketMouse, Poita, Commander Cork for their assistance