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Band of Brothers

WolfPack - Website Disclaimer

Every effort is made to make the website as compliant as possible so that all browsers can view it equally, but no guarantee is made that this is always possible.

Wolf Pack (Shadowy Freak/HeroClass) takes no responsibility and / or liability for anyone who uses the WolfPack website or forums, \or for any participation in ANY activity that the clan participates in.

Quit frankly, I, Shadowy Freaks/HeroClass take no responsibility and/or reliability for any losses or damages incurred. Make sure, if you are under consent age, that you get your parents permission to be in the clan.

Parents are more then welcome to speak to myself(Shadowy Freak/HeroClass) about Wolf Pack and their activities, should they desire to. All questions will be answered to the best of my ability, if I cannot answer a question, I will investigate further and then get back to you.

Scrims and wars are arranged, but do not always turn out the way they are planned. I make no guarantees that a scrim will be on as planned as I have no control over other clans. I will always perform to the best of my ability, arranging & competing in scrims, but as mentioned above, this might not turn out as expected.

All legal stuff(e.g. copyright, trademarks, logos etc) are of their respective owners.

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