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Band of Brothers

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This is a TeamSpeak auto configure and connection tool - in order for this to work, TeamSpeak must be installed before the following steps are attempted.

  1. Click "Launch TeamSpeak"
  2. Read the message that appears and click "OK"
  3. Enter your game handle (do not enter your real name) into the text box and click "OK"
  4. Depending upon your browser, an additional pop up box may appear - click the button that asks you to continue (the button may be labelled "allow" or "ok" or "yes"
  5. Security software may or may not ask for your permission to allow TeamSpeak to connect to the internet, if this is the case, please allow.
  6. You should find yourself in the lobby of the WolfPack TeamSpeak

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is an application that allows users to communicate via voice-over, either in game or out of game. It gives WolfPack a strategic advantage through the transmission of information between players in real time, keeping the entire team up to speed with events as they occur.

That same voice-over communication adds a new dimension to gameplay, as you get to know your clan as people, not simply as pieces in a game.

The TeamSpeak dynamic is one of the crucial aspects of WolfPack. Through it, the other members of the clan become more than just members of an in-game entity. They become friends.

Launch TeampSpeak Now

TeamSpeak Tutorial

If you are unable to connect to TeamSpeak either manually or automatically, please contact WolfPack via the forums and we will be able to provide additional advice there.

Note: Individuals connecting with offensive names will be banned.

The official website for TeamSpeak is where you need to download the full client.

If wish for a more detailed set of instructions please visit our full TeamSpeak tutorial

v6.6.0.0 - created: $Date: 2008-12-13; updated: $Date: 2019-08-04$; E&OE - a special thanks to Brainiac//, Dutchman, Foxhound, Pheniixx (Blacky), PocketMouse, Poita, Commander Cork for their assistance